TH Writer Hunt: Alternative Energy

My name is Arthur Page and I am a student at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. I am a good candidate for this position because for as long as I can remember I have been environmentally conscience. I love the thought of efficiency and electricity. Since 2002 I have become very interested in alternative energy and seek information about it every chance I get. I love going to school sponsored events and get a thrill when I see even a picture of a wind turbine. I am currently an education major at USM but as of late have been going back and forth about switching to environmental science with hopes of getting into the field when I go to grad school. There is something about alternative energy that just interests me and for that reason I can remember almost every minute detail about articles I read or people I talk to. Just last Thursday night I was at a lecture in Newburyport, MA about the whoas of nuclear power. I am very passionate and educated in my discussions about alternative energy and have read every book that I can get my hands on. I am a web savvy twenty-fiver year old that has his own web development business on the side so HTML is old hat to me. I also dabble in graphic design so adobe photoshop is also old hat. Because I have until thus far wanted to be a teacher, I am very good at getting my point across in debates, and am very good at seeing alternative perspectives to discussions.

Three ideas I would like to write about:

1. Nuclear Power

The lecture that I attended charged me with a mission. I had no idea how dangerous nuclear power is. I think that this could be a multi-perspective piece that draws on many sources of information. The effects of nuclear power are so far reaching that no one really knows how many lives it will cost. I would like to explore this topic more on my own and let your readers know what I find out.

2. DIY Solar pool heaters.

I used to work at the Home Depot and one the only things that got me through the day was when some one would come in and ask for help building a solar pool heater from scratch. After 4 or 5 customers, I had a mental parts list and decent recommendations for parts
depending on the size of the system.

3. Radiant Floor Heating

Also working at the home depot I had a chance to learn quite a bit about this method of home heating that is extremely energy efficient and easy to install. On my own time I ordered a catalog and installation guide from Zern and studied it on my breaks. We had a lot of people coming in wondering how to use it and I became the department expert on the subject.

4. Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

I recently spent untold hours scouring the Internet in search for information on electric hub motors and lithium Ion polymer battery electric bicycle conversion kits. It would be really nice if that search wasn’t entirely in vain. I found a lot of information and products on how to add electric assist to a bicycle. I was hoping to have this set up for myself over the summer so I wouldn’t need to use my car for trips around town. I think that your readers would be interested to know more about this topic.

Attached is an essay that I wrote in 2002/2003 while attending Massachusetts’s college of liberal Arts in North Adams. about alternative energy. Its interesting that the post on that lead me to your site was on Greensburg, Kansas (not too unlike the town that I imagined years ago in the opening of my essay).

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would very much like to hear back from you either way. I would also be very excited to be a writer for your website. It would allow me to make good use of all the knowledge I have held on to over the years in pursuit of my future career. I think that I would be a valuable asset to your company. Take care and thanks again.


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