DIY Solar Energy

In 1979 President Carter installed solar water heaters on the roof of the White House. The first thing President Reagan did when he came into office was to take them down. According to Dr. Richard Komp, those water heaters were moved to the roof of Unity College, where they are still working just fine. Dr. […]

Chill Your Bill

One of the largest consumers of residential electricity is your refrigerator. A fridge works by removing heat from inside and pushing it outside. You’ll notice the neato grill on the back of your fridge that cools the condensed fluid before returning to the compressor to absorb more heat. The key point to recognize here is […]

Swimming Pools

A good friend of mine is always saying to me that he wishes they made an all-in-one alternative energy kit. His Acme alternative energy kit would consist of a large water tank painted black to act as a thermal mass, solar water heaters, solar panels, and a wind turbine.

Japan’s First Solar Power Cargo Ship: Green-wash

In response to the article about a company that built a solar cargo ship that only derives 0.02 percent of its propulsion energy consumption from solar: I couldn’t agree more. That’s green-washing alright. They would have been better off throwing those solar panels up on a roof top some where. I’ve been saying for a […]

Sustainability Exchange

Dear Readers, Just thought I would let you all know about a new interest in my life. Some friends from USM and I are organizing a new group called Sustainability Exchange. The purpose of the group is to swap ideas, articles, news, and videos around sustainability. We’re hoping to start a podcast soon and one […]

Go Green Expo Worth The Trip

Despite what Kermit the frog says, it’s not easy being green. If it was easy to be green, we all would be green.  Being green in an un-green world is especially hard and takes constant attention. If it were easy to be green I would certainly be greener than I am.  You may call me […]

Catching Energy Island Spirits

Soren Hermansen approaches the stage.  He is a tall, middle aged man with a European accent that slightly resembles Steve Jobs.  He begins his lecture by telling us a little about his Island in the middle of Denmark called Samso Island.  He also pointed out that his name in Danish is Søren, where in the […]