My name is Arthur Page and I am a 26 year old business student at the University of Southern Maine.  I enjoy exploring all things about alternative energy.  I bring information and ideas about alternative energy to this blog for you to enjoy, comment, adapt, or deflate.

A few friends and I are currently starting up a group at USM called Sustainability Exchange that serves to gather people around the idea of sustainability and share information.  That group has a Facebook group where most of the activity happens.

If you like this blog, please feel free to comment and reply.  If you have information that you want to add to the blog, please forward it to me and I’ll probably add it.  If you have a lot of information, than either join my blog.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “About

  1. Hey, read your Electra Voy post!

    Do you still own it? Have some questions about upgrading- not sure if you ever did. Also, if you have any spare parts for it, I’m interested in buying!

    1. Charger
    2. Pedals + crank


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