Friends Of Lincoln Lakes

I was recently in Freeport Maine for a lecture presented by former Maine Governor Angus King titled, the Future of Wind Power in Maine.  During the Q&A session at the end of the lecture, the co-founder of Friends of Lincoln Lakes Brade Blake stood up and made a big to-do about how wind turbines are “sprawling industrial wind sites” in response to the proposed wind farm near his cottage on Lincoln Lake.  Lets examine a few reasons why Blake may just be a little off his rocker.

Lets start with the most obvious point that any friend of Lincoln Lakes who want to do what is best for the lake should want clean wind energy for their cottage.  Ideally, a true friend of Lincoln Lake wouldn’t be living on the lake, they would be protecting the lake from development instead of cutting down trees so they can enjoy a view for the summer, but because asking Blake to live like a native American isn’t going to happen lets just say that clean energy is the closest he and his friends are going to get.

Second, lets take into consideration his comment that the wind turbines cause something that he calls “vibro-acoustic syndrome” which I am guessing is similar in its symptoms to the syndrome that people living under power lines experience but can’t really prove.  I have stood below a wind turbine, about 200 feet from the base and I couldn’t hear or feel anything from it.  What I could here is airplanes flying over head,  a skill saw buzzing from a distance, and birds singing.  Any claim that turbines are causing some syndrome are a hog wash scare tactic to influence people who have never seen a majestic turbine.

The only conclusion that I can find is that Blake’s lack of support for clean energy stems from his selfish desire to not alter the ridge line which lies in his view because he doesn’t like wind turbines.  I would suggest that if Blake and his friends really want to be the friends of Lincoln Lakes that they claim to be, they either adopt the wind farm or become zero net energy users.  There is a price to be paid for energy and that price is either dead soldiers (oil), nuclear waste, climate change (coal), high energy prices (natural gas), high food prices (debatable, ethanol), or a diminished view.  Given the options, I would sacrifice the view first. Blake’s solution to the problem is private small scale energy such as solar, micro-hydro, and wind hybrid systems but they are inefficient, expensive, and just a diversion from the hard choice that needs to be made.

Join the cult of spoiled cottage owners who claim to be friends of Lincoln Lakes, yet have no problem pumping their sewage into it:


4 thoughts on “Friends Of Lincoln Lakes

  1. You are an idiot.
    There are no cults here, only hard working Maine people and in the summer, some who have retired South retutn to spend summer at the family camp.
    We also have the folks “from away” who come here in summer months to appreciate the undefiled beauty of our lakes, mountains and ridgetops, our wildlife and the good Maine people.
    Perhaps you should spend some time researching more about these large wind corporations. Take at look at who stands to gain financially, out of state, primarily. That is, with the exception of the local politicians and person’s with a financial gain to be had.
    Maine people are a good, strong lot. As such, we have no use for people who wish to blast away our ridges and mountainsides. We live in Maine because our ancester’s cared enough to bring us up here, despite hard times, economically and our challanging winters. We are not concerned with the “view” we have from our camps, we are concerned that our countryside is being destroyed in order to bring these massive steel towers.
    We treasure our natural resources, we live with the wildlife that will be driven away by these steel invasions of our excellent quality of life.
    I live on one of these lakes half of every year and I know the people around me who live on these bodies of spring fed and crystal clear waters. A lot of us real Mainers, we have outhouses, or composting toilets.
    It seems the only sewage that is free flowing, from your point of view occurs when you write.

  2. Let me start by thanking you for commenting on this post. Believe it or not, my main goal isn’t to piss people off, its to get them talking about the issue. As such, I like to use insightful language and I won’t be pulling my verbal punches. I feel as strongly about the issue as you do and will argue the points as I see them.

    That said, I want you to know that I one of those hard working Mainers that you mentioned who knows that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I live with in walking distance of a 2 megawatt turbine and I absolutely love seeing it every day. I plan my runs to go by it, and have a photo of it on my phone.

    Lets be honest here, not every wind turbine is part of a “large wind corporation” and your principle argument against them boils down to the fact that it spoils your view. The wild life doesn’t care about them, there is no Vibro-Acoustic effect, and a person smarter than myself could successfully argue that having such a farm might attract more people and business to the area. To say that these benefit large corporations and politicians is a pitiful diversion away from dealing with the issue.

    I know of a site that has one turbine, in an industrial park that the owner of the park built on his own. There were no politicians or corporations, just a person who knows that free power makes good business sense and wants to remain competitive in a slow economy.

    You can also ditch the “Maine People are a good, strong lot” because rousing some sort of LL Bean portrait of Maine isn’t an argument against wind, its an argument FOR wind. We are good people, who have a long tradition of hard work and doing things on our own. Wind and solar are the perfect solution for an independent Maine.

    If you think that the minor amount of blasting done for a few wind turbines is devastating, try taking a drive on the highway and seeing how it cuts through hills like a hot knife through butter. Yet I hear no complaints toward the government about that. Or take a drive down to coal country in the mid Atlantic states and see how they are literally cutting the tops of mountains for coal. No complaints there.

    No complaints because you really don’t care about the issue of the environment, you’re don’t care where your energy comes from as long as its not your back yard because if you did care AT ALL, you would realize that having a turbine in your back yard is a privilege, not a burden.

    The simple fact is, that if its not in your back yard, its in some one else’s. Stop using the guise of concern for the environment to disguise your selfish need of a pretty view. People are literally dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to acquire the oil that allows you to chose between turbines and your view. Your grand children wont have the choice when oil runs out, which it will.

    On the point of composting toilets and out houses, I don’t believe that a few people with composting toilets or out houses constitute any sort of large majority and is also a distraction from the issue at hand.

    Please let me know if you guys ever have an open house or public debate. I would love to come and give some people some unbiased information, which judging from the youtube videos I have found doesn’t seem to exist in the Lincoln Lakes area. You guys found a hand full of older republicans who don’t like wind turbines to tell you that the sky is falling and you think you have a valid issue? I think that your arguments need a composting toilet.

  3. I’ve been meaning to get back to you. I am able to, from your written words, ascertain that you are not living in the rural regions of Maine as you have such tunnel vision view of a life altering invasion for those of us up here in the woods. (your self-proclaimed “insightful language” gave you away). I will reiterate here, and I speak for many, it is not the “view” you seem want to emphasize, that is our concern. We don’t want our woodlands torn up, out ridges, mountains, some with strong historical background involving Irish settlers when they first arrived here, to be obliterated. The blasting will destroy what our ancestors struggled to maintain and the natural, God given countryside that the natives here and the summer residents love so much.

    Why don’t you ditch the superficial reference which compares true salt of the earth Mainers to “some sort of L.L. Bean portrait of Maine”. Remember your drawing that far-fetched comparison? True Maine independence means thumbing our noses at things we aren’t sure of, that haven’t been proven – not buying into all the politically correct rhetoric being bandied about by tax scamming companies from Mass. and New York. This move from the wind industry is opportunistic and is creating yet another huge utility, another self perpetuating plan for theis company and others like them to profit. One really should consider that these particular wind turbines are placed in areas where the wind range is deemed “marginal”. That particular info is from a DEP map. Even with all their corporate changes in it’s name, First Wind is the same company who has tried and seriously botched installations in other states, largely due to their illeagal manipulations in the areas they were trying to take possession of.
    That would be the same folk who have been under legal scrutiny in in New York for all manner of political improprities. They have legal charges pending in upstate New York. There is a lot of money involved
    in these wind turbines and this gives these companies license to “buy” whatever they want. They prey upon small towns with few local resources and, certainly here in Lincoln, the devil thats in the details were all worked out between First Wind and the Town Council…in private executive sessions. Research, on a national level, shows these turbines to not be self-sufficient, they often need electricity to run. The large areas here they wish to detonate, sir, is not “minor” nor are the massive turbines “few”, as you stated. We are talking about 40+ of these humoungus things. Jog by that, instead of the 1 you refer to. I think you will find the terrain somewhat harsh for your jogging. They just tear up the earth and plow down trees in order to put in roads. In Stetson the natural landscape was destroyed and the wildlife that resided there? Gone. They are smarter than we are. These machines kill eagles in flight, migrating birds, bats, who have no warning of whats ahead, their lungs explode from the pressure created by the movement. Many insects, necessary to our environment in multiple ways, are killed. The industry, however, must be concerned about this. They have a remedy. They use large hoses filled with toxic chemicals to wash down the machines. Another great addition to our natural environment.
    Stop with the accusations of asthetics being our main concern Our worries, our concerns are about the quality of life here, and for our wildlife and for the natural landscape, including spring fed lakes and ponds. This is why we live here, this is why vacationers spend time here. Life as we know it, will be changed forever if we allow this blighting of environment to occur. You mention a person you know who has a wind turbine to power his industrial park. That is great, very enterprising and surely less obtrusive than 40 of them. Every individual who chooses this lifestyle, is to be commended for thinking outside the box. You cannot compare this man’s personal choice to use one turbine, including the financing of it, to the sheer magnitude of what is being proposed here! There are so many studies which show the negative health impact of people who live near, and many that are not so near, the turbines. There is the constant sound of a jet flying overhead, only it never ceases. There is footage on line showing how peoples homes are overshadowed by the movement. of the propellers. The strobe effect of the colored lights in the night skyline has been associated with migraine headaches, vertigo and interupted sleep,especially for children and the elderly. Life as we know it will be changed forever, if these nearly 400 foot tall forests of steel, are erected.
    By the way, I mentioned the many folks,(contrary to what you say, there are plenty of folks ) who use composting toilets and outdoor privey’s for clarification. You may recall, in your first editorial, you accused folks here of flushing their wastes in the lakes and ponds they live on.
    I find it quite humerous that you actually believe “a handful of Republicans who don’t like wind turbines” have influenced our group. Yes, Republicans are involved alright, they are all for the money they are being told will grow on trees, once we get the turbines up. Town Council members are planning where to build a new Town Office and creating new town positions and, of course, an increase in their salaries. THEY are the Republicans!
    Are you getting the picture? Oh, probably you should forget arranging a date to come up here and have a “public debate”. We are busy getting our gardens in and reserving some energy to continue the legal battle to prevent the destruction of our peacefully quiet, country side homes and camps.

  4. “We are talking about 40+ of these humoungus things. Jog by that, instead of the 1 you refer to.”

    I would love to, as soon as they build one. I would think it would be great.

    “They just tear up the earth and plow down trees in order to put in roads.”

    How do you get to your cottage?

    “In Stetson the natural landscape was destroyed and the wildlife that resided there? Gone.”

    Again, what do you think that you are doing by living there? Destroying habbitat.

    “They are smarter than we are.”

    Speak for yourself.

    “These machines kill eagles in flight, migrating birds, bats, who have no warning of whats ahead, their lungs explode from the pressure created by the movement.”

    I would love to see a photo of the pile of dead bats (exploded lungs and all) and dead eagles at the base of a wind turbine. I haven’t seen any. Where are you getting this information? Try saying it out loud to a friend, it sounds like you have a chemical imbalance.

    “Many insects, necessary to our environment in multiple ways, are killed.”

    Again, I see no piles of dead insects at the foot of the turbines. If they are using toxic chemicals to clean them off, that would be bad. Probabaly not as bad as the dish soap or gasoline that makes its way into the water, but none the less.

    “There are so many studies which show the negative health impact of people who live near, and many that are not so near, the turbines.”

    Name three please, I would like to read them. If possible, in your response provide links to these studies. I would like to see the p-values and the abstracts of how they ‘proved’ this.

    “There is the constant sound of a jet flying overhead, only it never ceases.”

    I still don’t see where you get this. I stand below one, and cant hear a thing. I can’t imagine how 40 would be any louder. I did find a video online of a person standing at the base of a large wind farm and he pointed out how crazy this argument is. They are nearly silent, or at most comparable to a moderately traveled roadway.

    “There is footage on line showing how peoples homes are overshadowed by the movement. of the propellers. The strobe effect of the colored lights in the night skyline has been associated with migraine headaches, vertigo and interrupted sleep,especially for children and the elderly.”

    If the strobe effect is caused by the sun then they should have no problem sleeping when the sun is down. I still haven’t seen any great studies on this strobe effect either.

    Lets just assume that everything that you say is correct. All of the negative factors of wind turbines which you point out:

    1). Habitat destruction / animal death.
    2). Toxic chemical use.
    3). Vibro Aucustic effect.
    4). Loud noise.
    5). Eye soar.
    6). Government / corporate corruption and greed.

    Are also caused in equal proportion, if not more, by the use of oil and its products. Gasoline drips from refilling stations into the water. Oil tankers spill and destroy animals and habitat. Fumes from gas are known by the state of California (why can’t California tell the other states?) to cause cancer. Oil wells, power lines, and cell towers are all eye soars yet you have no problem with any of these.

    Even if you’re right, wind turbines are the lesser of two evils and by your own logic we should be converting to wind power because all else being equal at least we will be avoiding CO2 emissions, high energy costs, and the dependence on foreign energy sources.

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