Electra Voy Phantom 4 Electric Moped

This is the Phantom 4 electric moped made by either Electra or Voy, or Electra Voy. It really depends on where you find your information. The company that made them has since gone out of business, but there are a lot of very similar models out there that look just like this one. Electra Voy Phantom 4
The only problem with this scooter is that for a 220lb male, its really under powered. The motor is an electric 500watt hub motor that runs on 36volt 12amp hour batteries. The original battery pack was really diminished due to improper care so it was very slow when I first bought it. Since then, I have managed to put another set of batteries in it that have brought the performance up a lot, but still not to where it should be.


Its hard to tell what its top speed is because the gage is inaccurate. If I am cruising down a slight hill full throttle it might say I am doing 15mph. If I were then to let off the throttle completely, even though I am still going the same exact speed or maybe even a little more, the speed might drop to about 11mph. It shoots right back up with the throttle. I think there is a glitch in the logic of the speedometer that results in it being more of a voltmeter + speedometer. I have no official speed test data to publish except that on flat ground I am going about 3 times walking speed, slightly slower than average biking speed.


This scooter right now has almost no power to speak of. It has a very difficult time going up a grade any more than slight. It can get up a decent hill if you use it like a push scooter and ride while pushing with one foot, but its just embarrassing so if it slows to much I just walk it. With the newer batteries though, it did trudge up Congress St. in Portland, ME which it couldn’t do with the older batteries. I estimate that speed reduces to about 4-5mph while going up this slight hill. I was thinking that I could add one of the older weakened 12v batteries to the newer three for about a 43v pack that might give it some moreElectra Voy Phantom 4 power, but the controller has a shut off that kicks in if the voltage is above a certain unknown number. I would like to play with the pack and see if I can find that number. 36v just isn’t cutting it and maybe 40-44v would be a safe quick way to boost power up these hills.


So far I have yet to run out of range. I took it out last week for about 45 minutes on a full charge and the gauge still was reading high when I decided to call it a night. It started to rain a bit so I brought it in. I was using it continuously for those 45 minutes though. I went down to the Old Port and back up congress, took a bunch of laps around the block, and took it through the parking garage. The next night I took it into the USM parking garage for some more time trials. The scooter did really well for grade of the parking gararge, and made it all the way to the top with out pushing. The way down was a blast, it topped out at 20mph coming down.


Top Speed: 16mph on flat ground.  The speed was not weight contingent so when I had my friend try the scooter out it went the same speed even though he weighted about 75lbs less than me.  I didn’t ask him because it would be hard to tell, but I’m sure the reduced weight added a lot of climbing power.  A really skinny ten year old could ride this scooter up a hill that I couldn’t even start.

Range: 20 miles rated by manufacturer and seems to hold up.  I took the moped for a ride one night to test it and got tired before the batteries stopped working with in range.  I took it from my dorm about 2 miles down the road and then 2 miles back.  Then I drove it up and down the 1/2 mile street about 15 times each way before I got tired of riding.  Needless to say, on flat ground, it goes for a long time.  I wish that they would have cut the range and added some power. These would have sold like hot cakes!

Motor: 250 watt hub motor that is severely underpowered.  This scooter is built like a moped, looks like a moped, but rides like a power wheel.  They should have put a minimum 500 watt motor in this scooter to make it serious, and if they wanted to bill it as it looks, a 750watt motor would have done the job.  The other scooter that I bought had a 750watt motor, so even though I never got it to run due to an unknown electrical problem, it was rated to go about 35mph on flat ground.  That scooter was a lot heavier than this little Voy, so a 750watt motor would have powered it up some nice hills and gave it the top end speed that it would need to compete in traffic.  I would gladly reduce the range to have more powerful motor.  There was room for an expansion battery pack that would easily solved the range problem, but to change the motor after purchase requires changing the motor, controller, and battery pack.

Battery: 3 12v 12amp hour = 36volt 12 amp hour.  These batteries weight a ton.  Litterally 40lbs or so.  If you up grade to Lithium Ion, you can cut that down to under five pounds but get ready to pay upwards of $400.  For a long term investment, it would make a ton of sense.  Especially if you upgrade the motor.  An upgraded motor and board would drain the batteries really fast, but if you had a LiOn pack, you could fit a lot more power in the small space provided with out using up your underseat storage.

Upgrading: There was also some talk in some of the forums that I read that mention upgrading.  They said that the controller limits the current to the motor to prevent it from over heating and frying out.  They said if you use the moped and put your hand against the motor and its hot, don’t upgrade the controller because you’ll fry the motor.  If its cool to the touch, which mine was even after riding for twenty or thirty minuts over small hills and such, then you can upgrade the controller to allow more current and thus more hill climbing power / top speed to the motor.  I even had an idea to fit some sort of cooling mechanism to the hub so it would move air over the hub and cool it off, but I ended up selling the moped first.

Lighting: I also had a lot of plans to add additional lighting to the moped to illumniate the road way better, to provide greater visability, and to illuminate the front weel better.  Maybe even some ground effects.

GPS / iPhone: Another pipe dream that I had was to remove the dash and replace it with either a Tom Tom dock or an iPhone dock.  This would provide a really cool speedometer / gps that would get me around the city in a hurry.  I could remove the unit from the dock and keep it inside for safe storage.  Additionally, with and iPhone I could have wired some speakers into the front panel to jam out on the road.  That, I know is getting a bit crazy, but hey why not!

Horn: I’ve always thought it would be funny to have an enormously loud horn on a little moped.  That was one other last thing that I wanted to do.  Why did I sell this thing anyway?! Oh yeah because I had to move and needed the money for rent.  Damn you rent! Next time I’ll stick it to the man.


blinkers, brake light, speedometer, battery gauge, under seat storage, two rear view mirrors, horn, optional additional storage, locking underfoot battery pack.


45 thoughts on “Electra Voy Phantom 4 Electric Moped

  1. Electra / Voy Phantom 4
    Submitted by arthurpage on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 01:10.

    I have one of these scooters and I am in the process of trying to speed it up. I have a few thoughts.

    1). Replace the 500watt motor with a 750watt, and the controller too.
    2). Place another 500watt motor on the front wheel, place three more batteries and controller under the seat?
    3). OverVolt from 36v – 40/44 volts. I tried 48 and the controller automatically cut out.

    Any thoughts? I am a 220lb man, and this thing is killing my pride on hills. I have had to push it going up hills so far. It maxes out at 12-15mph on flat land, and 4-5 on hills of about 5-10% grade. 15% and the fat lady sings.

    There is no power to speak of, no top speed to speak of. I am a big fan of electric motors and mopeds, green energy etc, but this moped isn’t helping me change any minds. I’m by no means rich. I’m a college student so the less money the better. So far, my best option is to take out the seat compartment, add an 80cc gas motor for top speed and hills for $189.00 Plus shipping. I found a 750watt hub motor for $179.00 plus shipping but that also means I will need a new controller. Thats it though right, not a new throttle or wire harness? I would prefer to do that, and maybe put the 500watt on the front wheel some how. Any suggestions?

  2. Re: Electra / Voy Phantom 4
    Submitted by andrew on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 02:43.

    First you need to determine how hot the motor is getting. If it is not getting very hot, then I would go ahead and do an over voltage mod. If it is a brush motor, then a 48v brush controller would be pretty cheap. A 48v brushless controller would be much more expensive.

    The power increase should be about the square of the voltage increase, provided there is no current limit being met. If there is a current limit being met now, then you will get an even greater increase in power, which is probably likely. Just make sure and get a high amp controller like the YK42-4 at tncscooters.com

    The power increase would be: (48/36)^2 = 1.78

  3. Re: Electra / Voy Phantom 4
    Submitted by andrew on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 02:47.

    BTW, monitor the motor temperature closely after doing any overvotlage mod. It may get too hot, and fry. It is better to upgrade the motor if need be before you burn the old one so you can sell it, or keep it as a spare.

  4. Re: Phantom electric moped on ebay?
    Submitted by arthurpage on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 17:44.

    I guess my hesitation comes from a lack of expectation in the pay off. Let’s say I upgrade from 500 to 750watt and from 36 to 48 volt, am I going from 10mph cruising on flat ground to 15mph? The bike is small and light compared to another moped that I have with a 750w 48v system but its not working so I have nothing to compare it to. Can anyone post top speed and power and total rider + bike wight to give me an idea of my rewards before I sink a ton of money in this bike? Bonus points to anyone who can tell me of increased performance of an overvolted 750watt motor on 60 volts. I’m looking to hit 30mph on this thing if possible so it can replace my car on more trips.

  5. Re: Phantom electric moped on ebay?
    Submitted by andrew on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 19:15.

    First thing that would really help is more information about how your scooter is performing now. I think it’s highly likely that your scooter is under performing due to the controller limiting the power. But, it may be doing this to protect the motor.

    The following information will help:
    Battery current while riding up a hill
    Motor voltage while riding up a hill (or voltage across the motor terminals)
    Motor temperature after a long ride
    Battery voltage (you may have a bad connection, or just a defective battery causing poor performance)

    There could be a number of things that could result in poor performance, and you may be able to improve the performance without much expense.

  6. Re: Phantom electric moped on ebay?
    Submitted by arthurpage on Sat, 06/07/2008 – 22:00.

    I just got back from a 25 minute ride. The hub does feel warm, maybe 80 degrees. As for the rest, I’ll have to get my multimeter from home. All the information is much appreciated by the way. I think my best move is to record some of the stats you mentioned and then maybe upgrade to a 60 volt controller and 750w motor and overvolt it. I’m hoping that will get me up to 20-25mph. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

  7. I just bought an electric moped today. It has an internal hub electric motor. The current battery pack is lead acid type and from reading the instructions its, 36v, 12amp hours. Can I replace the batter pack which is very heavy with a larger capacity lithium ion pack and not have any adverse reactions that you know of? I am asking scooter people about the motor capacity and the controller capacity. About how long would it take to charge such a system? System cost? Charger cost? Any help you can give me will help me out a lot.

    Hello Arthur,
    You can take a look at these different capacity of 37V Li-Ion battery pack we offer. The key issue will be the max or peak current being draw by your motor. Our pack is rate at a max of 40A discharge. If your peak current draw is greater than 40A, then our pack will shut down (to protect battery from over discharge) and will not work. If it is under 40A, then anyone of these packs list on the link below will work fine.

    I would recommend this pack 37V 10Ah pack with charger the best.

    This item comes with everything: charger, battery pack and carry case.


    First of all thanks for your fast response. After reading the entire manual last night I found out some more information. I’ve also found an almost identical product to compare this too.

    Sorry if I want clear but its not an e bicycle. Its more of a scooter or moped. Its a sit down with under seat storage blinkers head light etc. Think Vespa style.

    I found its takes a 20 amp fuse so I’m guessing the discharge rate can’t be more than 20 amps.

    I know its a 3 pack of 12 volt batteries and after looking around I’m guessing that the 36 volts maxing out at 20 amps makes the motor 500watts. The similar moped takes 4 batteries at 12 volts and 12 amp hours. I’m thinking a 48 v, 12ah pack with a discharge rate under 16 Amps should fit my needs and in the future I can add another 10ah pack to increase the range. Do you have anything to meet those guide lines?

    Its an oldie so I’m going to ask around about the motor and controller to make sure they can handle 48v. Hopefully they can and I get a nice peppy scooter!

  8. I just bought a new electric scooter with an electric in hub motor. The existing battery pack is 36v and heavy. I’m not sure how many amps, but I could find out. Its Phantom 4 electric scooter / bike. I would like to know if its possible to replace the old heavy battery pack with lithium ion batteries. The pack is old and dying, and has no acceleration or top speed to speak of. I want to make it faster with a decent range. The current range is listed as 30 miles. Can I swap it out with your batteries?

    We have many local customers who used our Lithium battery for upgrade, some of them are electric skateboard. If you replace it with our 37v 4.6 lb lithium, you will be going the same speed. but you will see a difference when going up the hill. But if you upgrade it to 48v lithium (assuming your controller can handle it, if not replace it), you will be flying on the road.

    The 37v, 10.5Ah will give more then 30 mile range.

    You need to determine a few thing:
    – what type connect is require to connect to the battery, sometime you can cut it off and replace your own
    – find out what type of controller it is (a picture would be helpful), Whether it is a brush or brushless

    Generally speaking, our battery is very compatible with most of the ebike. After all these message, I like to inform you that all of our lithium battery are sold out. The early shipment is late June. We have extremely high demand since April, we are completely out until June.

    Best Regards,

  9. I’m thinking of some mods that I would like to do to this scooter and would love some feedback.
    1). The first and formost is increase the speed and power.
    2). Onboard charger: I’d like to add a small fan to the charger and place it on board. Draw back being that if my scooter is stolen, the their has the charger too. Otherwise they might mistakenly try to use a normal computer cable and brick the bike. Pro would be that it might prevent just the charger getting stolen while charging the bike and it would be easier.
    3). Retractable charging cord inside psuedo gas door.
    4). Illuminated psuedo gas door (like the Tesla roadster).
    5). Lo-jack stolen moped locator.
    6). Speakers for listening to music with handle bar control.
    7). iPod docking/charging station for speakers.
    8). Replace all bulbs with LED’s.
    9). Add additional lights to fork to illuminate driving surface for night riding.
    10). Ground effects lighting.
    11). Louder horn.
    12). Tom tom gps cradle to replace speedometer.

    That’s all I can think of for now.

  10. Hello,
    I live in Poland. I bought this motor(phantom 4) serveral years ago. I have trouble with controller. It is not working. Could you help me in repair it. I need the diagram the controller. I thank you for help:).

  11. I wish I could, I don’t have a diagram of the controller nor have I found one in my exhaustive search of the internet. Note to self: If you ever start a company that manufactures any sort of electronics or motor, pony up the $100 / year and post all the manuals and diagrams online so people have at least a glimmer of hope to repair the products that I no longer service. There is actually an interesting piece about this very fact in Make Magazine (www.makezine.com) called the Maker’s Manifesto. All I can say is that there are many new controllers across the internet. If you can’t find a suitable one, maybe I could send you some links. Also check the blog for the other electric scooter, the PanTerra Freedom, I think some one posted a link for a controller that could handle a 750watt motor and a 48volt battery pack. Well with in the means of this project.

  12. Also, did I mention that some one mentioned to me that this motor is actually only 180watts, not the 500 that I suspected it was after seeing pictures of a similar moped. That would make upgrading to a 750watt 48volt system that much more attractive. It could actually do 30mph easily. I’ve tested the scooter against my 10 speed with an on board computer and came up with about 15 mph on flat ground. I finally found my volt meter so i will be able to test the battery pack, controller, and motor voltage and amperes. I will post whatever I find out. Also, I’m selling both of these bikes on maine.craigslist.org because I am a broke college student!!!!

  13. Both the Voy and the Phantom IV were distributed in the US by Electra USA (yes, it is gone). The two scooters are IDENTICAL, except that the Voy is red, and was distributed by Target, while the Phantom IV was Silver and Black, and distributed by Kragen/Checker/Shucks Auto Parts.

    Both of these scooters have 250 Watt motors (not 500). According to the owner’s manual, the top speed using electric power is 15 MPH and is LIMITED by the controller. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 100 lbs, or 250 lbs (mine has seen riders at both ends of this scale with the same results).

    You can go faster by using the pedals, or going downhill. The pedals also turn the motor in to a generator, as any simple DC PMG motor generates some power when it is turned manually (or by the coasting action of downhill ride or pedals). Will it charge the batteries? probably not, but it will add a bit to the range.

    As far as changing the motor and controller, you may find this unfeasible, as the motor is built in to the hub. A 500 Watt motor needs almost 1.5x the space that is available for the existing 250 Watt motor.

    You would probably be better off buying a model that is capable of higher speeds. There is a site called alibaba.com that has links to thousands of manufacturers in various countries. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between models offered by each company, but some offer advanced battery technologies (Lithium-Ion, advanced lead acid, etc) There are many models with motors as high as 3000 watts, some with top speeds exceeding 60 MPH. FYI, my 500 watt scooter does 30 MPH at top speed, although acceleration is somewhat slower than say a 750 or 1000 watt model.

    Some companies will let you import as little as 2 or 3 scooters at wholesale prices. You can also say you want to purchase “samples” for evaluation to get a small order at wholesale. Just be aware, you have to pay for shipping, which will only go to the nearest port. You will have to arrange for pickup at that port.

    You can see the list of all electric vehicle manufacturers registered on alibaba at:

    I hope this helps.

  14. Just an update:
    Today is the last day with this awesome moped. I have to focus on school and pay my upcoming tuition bill so I’ve been selling my books and now this moped to raise some funds. I have been riding it around the streets of Portland for some time now, much to my delight. I think I will be saving some money over the winter to purchase a new electric moped for next summer or trying to build an electric car. I would like to replace my gas car, with something that I can use more than a moped. It would be nice but an EV conversion is an entirely new blog. We’ll see though. Please shoot any questions that you may have, the new owner has sent me a lot of questions, so I will get some and post them here.

  15. I have a VOY red scooter to wear my son broke the rear wheel spooks, I recently learned that Voy went out of business and now I’m stuck with a scooter without a rear wheel, does anybody out there know maybe just where I would be able to purchase one, if so please advise me asap any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  16. I only have my iPod touch on me right now but I did find a lot of places online where you can buy new wheels, tires, and motors. I don’t have the link but I think the two sites where monster scooter parts and the scooter parts store. If you google Electra voy scooter parts, it should come up. If you can’t find it let me know and when I get home I will post all my links.

  17. I’ve checked all the suppliers on the Internet and was unable to get one, I therefore took it to a welder and it was welded back together, but it’s been so long that now I forgot what part goes where on the rear wheel asm, by any chance can you take a real closeup shot of the rear wheel asm and email it to me, thanks,
    Joe B

  18. I just searched around on my computer and I don’t have any close up photos of the moped. I have some far shots of about 4-10 feet away on my phone but before I spend the 25 cents to send it to myself, are you at all interested? In case I didn’t mention, the moped has been sold. I was too big for it.

  19. yes I am, would appreciate any help
    Thank you


    if by any chance you know of someone that has a VOY and is trying to sell it please let me know, saw one on ebay but this guy wanted original price $375.00 ouch he didn’t care if the company went out of business and it’s only good for parts Oh well guess greed just interferes with judgement.

  20. I had a lot of luck with Craigslist.org especially in Maine. That’s where I found mine and ultimately sold mine. At the time when I was selling mine, there were two others on Craigslist but they were selling for $450 each. I think that price came down just like the price of mine came down. I would check there. Try looking around different surrounding states because if you’re willing to drive for a bit, you can usually get a great deal.

  21. As far as controllers go..here is a simple fix that has worked for me.

    Take the controller apart, and you will see 3 tall transistors in a row.. any electronics place OTHER than radio shack (they suck) should have these in stock, price around $3. Buy two or three for spares.. and replace the ONE IN THE MIDDLE. It has no screws holding it to the metal heat-sink, rapidly overheats, and pops. especially if you are a big fat dude like me trying to get up hills in Portland ME (no, I am NOT the original poster..)

    part is NTE electronics NTE2991 MOSFET that is 20v maximum,200W max…so if there is a “next model up”, I’d go with that, somewhere in the 36v 300w range.

  22. how long do you chargyour scoorter for ijust got my for free and hade to fix it and i just antgetting the full charge of it it is the same one in the pic above man just email me back plees

    1. I usually charged it for about 5-6 hours. There was a light on the charger that would go off when it was done. I never really timed the charge just because I always rode it, and the charging depends on how long you ride it. Keep in mind, that you never want to drain the batteries! I’ve read around and found out that emptying the batteries will kill them forever!

  23. A friend has pluged in a computor cord to my voy electra scooter, fried something, anyone know where I can buy another controller

  24. thanx to all who posted .. was thinking of buying one of these for use at the beach here in costa rica.. but gaining the info here has caused me to believe i can find a better solution for my needs… the hill climb and fact i am 200 pounder decided for me… also potential issue of parts replacement.. batteries, etc.. jay

  25. i need a battery for a phantom 4 electric scooter.could you please tell me where i can find a 36 volt 12 amp battery and the price

    1. I just googles 12v scooter battery. You might try monster scooter parts. The best thing is to pull out the battery and search for part numbers and size dimensions. You’ll likely have to patch something together because these companies are fly by night operations and only sell for a few years before cashing out or going under.

    2. Also, I would check into lithium phosphate or gel batteries. They will set you back a few hundred dollars but if you’re already going to spend $100-$150 for old heavy ones, an extra $400 for batteries that will be half weight, double range, and better power could be worth it.


  26. I had two of these voys and i believe there only 180 watt motors not 500 watts. The cheapest place to get batteries is budgetbatteries.com there 89 for all three with free shipping. I recommend putting 12 volt 15 ah batteries in it if you can find them. I hooked mine up so it bypasses the controller and goes about 24 mph and climbs hills easily even steep ones. I just sold one of mine the other day and miss it already. My charger broke so now im waiting on a new one. Gonna try over volting it next then maybe a bigger motor. I had the last one flying. Just by running a ground wire from the motor to the battery and leaving the controller ground off then running the ground from the motor to the toggle doubles the power in these things.

    1. No specific websites come to mind and all the ones that I checked have probably changed. Try google for. 180watt boy hub motor. There are a few electric scooter parts on the sites for gas powered scooters as well. Otherwise you could probably find someone selling a voy that you could buy for parts.

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